ISO 22301 Security and Resilience - Business Continuity Management

iso 22301

OOPS! What do we do now?

With the trends of global trading, and "just in time" production, we don't get second chances if things go wrong!

Case in point: 2018, The horrific Tsunami in Japan: 2 well known global companies both caught out by one natural disaster, both suffered huge losses of confidence, trust, and customers.

They were accustomed to ordering components with the full knowledge that these items will arrive within a certain timeframe and in plenty of time to meet their needs. Suddenly, the supplier is out of business, due to flattened production sites, meaning that a major component can't be supplied. The whole product line is therefore useless as who wants to take delivery of a 90% complete product? This then leads to the workforce being laid off and where they gain jobs elsewhere. Customers look for an alternative supplier, with your reputation gone, trust gone and key staff gone!

This doesn't happen to us, we live and work in a calm safe environment

But with global trading, some of our parts may be coming from the other side of the world! Things may not be so calm, weather may not be so stable! We read the news and think, "glad, I don't live there" believing that their unfortunate predicament does not affect us. However, we may still be affected by what goes on in the rest of the world!

The answer: forward planning, not having all your eggs in one basket, BUSINESS CONTINUITY.

We are finding that with global news, more of us are realising "that could happen to us!!"

Fortunately, more of us are realising, we need backup plans to reduce disruption, if we let our customers down, they will need to find an alternative supplier.

iso 22301

So, what do we do?

  • Who decides what products, parts, facilities are key to our operations?
  • Do we have a backup supplier for them?
  • Do our suppliers have a plan B?
  • Do they have backup facilities or alternative warehousing to store product?
  • Can we get everything we need to complete orders if any element of our work cycle is disrupted?
  • What if our own production cycle fails?
  • Do we have a backup to help us complete our own production?
  • Are we the weak link in the chain?
  • Is our supplier the weak link in the chain?

Can Our Customers Trust Us??

We have put these systems into a number of customer companies, fortunately, not many of them have needed them YET. However, we have had reports of some winning significant tenders because they had a backup plan to supply in place.

But, we do tend to be the first to hear from customers that have needed them, with one contacting us within a couple of weeks of the finished and tested system being in place. They are a large successful customer of ours that have a global high-quality brand. The call we received:

"You know that system you put in, it works. Some workmen in the street chopped through our mains with their earth-moving equipment and took out our communications and power. The BCM that we had practiced kicked in, using our mobile phones to contact key facilities, all calls were transferred to our warehouse, relayed to us by mobile phone. Our network was accessed via the cloud system, no one realised there was any issue and we are back to normal operations now."

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