ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

iso 14001

ISO 14001 Standards

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard which focuses on Environmental Management systems. By obtaining this standard you are demonstrating to your customers that you not only care about the environment and any possible impact that your product or service is having on this, but that you are meeting your legal obligations. A framework of control would be put in place for companies to create their own Environmental Management Standards, and where each company sets its own goals and measures its own performance. As well as helping to protect the environment by proving that your company is "environmentally friendly" this can, in turn, lead to lower energy costs and where recycling is encouraged in order to minimise waste. This standard is applicable for all sizes and all types of businesses and concentrates on how a product is produced rather than the quality of the product itself, which is covered under ISO 9001. Below is a brief overview of some of the advantages of this standard:-

  • Internationally recognised standard – overseas businesses will be assured that your company meets the international environmental standards and therefore proving that your company is being as "environmentally friendly" as it possibly can.
  • Controlling the impact of your business on the environment – this can be achieved by your company setting targets to minimise the amount of energy used and looking at lowering the amount of waste through a waste management system being in place. Savings on resources, waste and energy can be identified.
  • Confidence – in knowing that your company complies with the environmental world standard, and that employees understand their role in achieving this, by good leadership and communication.
  • Improve your company's credibility in the market-place - by showing that consideration to the environment is being taken into account at every stage of the development of a product or service, this can help your company stand out from any competition who do not adhere to this standard.
  • Potential decrease in public liability costs for your company – - by proving that measures are being taken at every stage, and targets set, then this could potentially decrease the risk to an insurer, particularly as pollution risks could be diminished due to monitoring processes being in place.

iso 14001

ISO 14001 Phases

The ISO 14001 uses the phases defined below: -

  • Environmental Management System – by setting up an Environmental Management system this serves as a framework of control for companies to create their own Environmental Management standards. In order to gain this certification a company has to meet all three sections of the standard - looking at ways to reduce the impact of a company's product on the environment, complying with the legislation in place and showing that improvements are being continually made.
  • Planning and Management responsibility – this is where plans are put in place to document all procedures, and where any resources required are identified with a view to highlighting the impact of processes on the environment. Any future developments are also taken into account at planning stage. It is also the management's responsibility to ensure that there is good communication between management and employees so all staff are aware of their responsibilities in carrying out any necessary procedures.
  • Operation – - this concerns the measuring and monitoring of the processes and where preparations are put in place to respond to any emergency that may occur.
  • Checking on performance – - by using the data obtained from the previous Operation section, any problems, where the standards fall short of those set in the Environmental policy, can be identified and corrected. This also relates to any shortcomings in meeting the legal requirements.
  • Continual improvement – - the Environmental policy doesn't just address the current processes but also looks at any future developments. Monitoring is a continual process to ensure that standards don't drop beneath the acceptable level and targets set in this policy.

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